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Indigenous Mentoring Program

Advancing possibilities for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander employees of the APS and Commonwealth

Program Details

The Indigenous Mentoring Program is aimed at all APS and Commonwealth employees. Mentoring is a structured agreement between two people, and is designed to help those being mentored achieve their full potential, both professionally and personally. The Australian Public Service Commission's (the Commission) Indigenous Mentoring Program gives both Mentors and Mentees the opportunity to develop through sharing expertise and experience. Your participation will enable you to respond to your own professional identity and learn more about walking in two worlds. As a Mentor or a Mentee this is your chance to develop, empower, inspire and challenge others. The Indigenous Mentoring Program offers a suite of guidance for Mentors and a format for Mentees designed to achieve their goal. The Program is outcomes focused, by participating you will agree to working towards a GOAL defined in the relationship.

Mentee Responsibilities

As a Mentee in this Program, your job is more than taking advice and trying new things. The Commission has an expectation that both you and your Mentor will complete this program achieving meaningful outcomes. As a Mentee, your development depends on exploring career aspirations; strengths and weaknesses; collaborating on a means to get there; implementing strategies and evaluating them along the way. Your Mentor will ask you a range of questions, while applying an appropriate level of cultural responsiveness. Your job as the Mentee is to learn and develop safely, but do it knowing your Mentor does not have all the answers. Use your Mentor as a point of reference, and remember, you ultimately set the course of achieving your own objectives. If you want to find out more about the responsibilities of a Mentee, sign up and we'll support you through with our guides and the program.

Mentor Responsibilities

Collaborating on means to getting there, implementing strategies and evaluating along the way are all a part of the behavioural methods you as a Mentor will learn and need to adopt during your partnership with your mentee. By asking appropriate questions of your Mentee, demonstrating active listening skills and applying an appropriate level of cultural responsiveness, you will assist with lifting the capabilities of your mentee. Signing onto the Indigenous Mentoring Program will equip you with the tools, resources and guidance you need to achieving a GOAL with your Mentee. If you want to find out more about the responsibilities of a Mentor, sign up and we'll support you through with our tutorials and guides.

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